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Broadhead-tipped arrows that do not strike the chest cavity or the abdominal cavity may still cause immediate, massive blood loss and death. For example, shots that strike the neck (carotid arteries or jugular veins) or hind legs (femoral artery) will cause death. However, these shots should never be attempted because the size of the vital area is smaller. Big game animals are likely to survive arrow strikes in the shoulders, back muscles, neck, brisket, hams, or legs.

Know the Primary Aiming Zone of Your Game Animal

Bowhunters need to learn the primary aiming zone of each big game animal they hunt. For example, the area just behind the front leg of a white-tailed deer—approximately the size of a paper plate—is the primary aiming zone. When shooting, the bowhunter focuses on an aiming spot—about the size of a quarter—in the center of the aiming zone. This provides a bull's-eye over the vital organs.