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It is essential to use equipment appropriate for the game you are hunting. Many problems in the field are solved easily by a knowledgeable and prepared bowhunter.

  • Select a bow that is properly fitted to you and that meets the legal and ethical requirements of the game you plan to hunt.
  • Ensure that the bow is in good operating condition. Make a habit of conducting a pre-hunt inspection of your equipment before each trip. Re-inspect your equipment upon arrival at your hunt location.
  • Purchase arrows that match the draw weight and draw length of your bow. Mismatching equipment can lead to poor accuracy, safety problems, and possible injury to you.
  • Make sure that the arrows are straight and that their points are sharp and matched to the game you’re pursuing.
  • Tune your bow to the equipment (such as broadheads) you will be using for hunting.
  • Assemble a repair and maintenance kit with spare parts and tools. Your local archery pro shop can recommend items for your kit and give instructions on basic bow maintenance.
Stringing a bow
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