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100% Pennsylvania‐Approved Bowhunter Safety Course

A course on safe and responsible bowhunting approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission

Pennsylvania safety education card Lifetime Card

Pennsylvania-Approved Bowhunter Course

The Pennsylvania Bowhunter Ed Course is approved and accepted by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

What’s Included in an Approved Course

The Pennsylvania Bowhunter Ed Course is approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the agency responsible for the administration of the Bowhunter Education Certificate.

To be approved by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, a course must teach hunters to become:

  • Safe (by following all bowhunting safety rules)
  • Responsible (about bowhunting, wildlife, conservation, and bowhunting laws)
  • Knowledgeable (by knowing and demonstrating acceptable behavior and attitudes while bowhunting)
  • Involved (in joining and participating in bowhunting and conservation organizations)

Meets IHEA-USA Standards

This Pennsylvania Bowhunter Ed online bowhunting education course was developed in accordance with the standards set forth by IHEA-USA and meets the requirements of the Pennsylvania Game Commission hunter safety mandate.

About the Standards

In 1999 the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA) adopted a set of performance guidelines for basic hunter education courses. These standards have been used internationally by hunter education administrators to evaluate minimum core content in hunter education courses. Industry partners, including the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Bowhunter Ed, have used the revised standards to develop new student manuals and alternative delivery methods for hunter education.

NBEF Authorized Course

This Pennsylvania online bowhunting education course was developed in accordance with the standards set forth by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF). The NBEF administers the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) in cooperation with state and provincial hunter education programs and state bowhunter organizations.

The IBEP is used in all states and Canadian provinces and follows the standards of the International Hunter Education Association, a professional organization of hunter education administrators from throughout North America. While basic hunter education courses include archery and bowhunting, the IBEP provides more in-depth skill information to help you become a more effective and responsible bowhunter.

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