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The Vermont Homestudy Class

You must pass both the online homework and Homestudy Class portions of the Bowhunter education course in order to complete the Vermont Bowhunter education requirements.

Important Homestudy Class Information

Locating and Signing Up for the Homestudy Class

After passing the online homework portion of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Bowhunter education course, you will need to locate and sign up for the required Homestudy Class.

Locate and sign up for the Homestudy Class in your area.

Important! Bring your Homestudy Qualifier Voucher to the Homestudy Class as proof of having completed the online homework.

Warning! Completing the online homework does not guarantee you a spot at the Homestudy Class.

What to Expect at the Homestudy Class

This is 4–6 hours, depending on the number of students attending and will include:

  • a classroom session
  • outdoor shooting
  • blood trailing
  • demonstrations of tree stand safety
  • survival skills

Most of the classroom topics will pertain to Vermont-specific regulations and issues that are not covered in this online homework. Be sure to have proper clothing for the outdoor sessions.

After attending and passing the Homestudy Class portion of the Bowhunter education requirement, you will receive your Certification Card.