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When judging distance from a tree stand, use the horizontal distance, not the greater diagonal distance. In this diagram, you should aim for 12 yards, not 13 yards.

Judging distance from a treestand: a = 12 yards horizontal distance to the target, b = 5 yards height in treestand, c = 13 yards along line of shot

To calculate the horizontal distance “a” from a tree stand to a target, with “b” being the height of your tree stand and “c” being the diagonal distance to a target (you can establish this number using a range finder), use this simple formula:

a equals the square root of c squared minus b squared

For example, if the tree stand is 5 yards above the ground and the diagonal distance to your target is 13 yards, then the horizontal distance is calculated as follows:

a equals the square root of thirteen squared minus five squared, equals the square root of one hundred sixty-nine minus twenty-five, equals the square root of one hundred forty-four, equals twelve
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