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Dr. Saxton Pope and Arthur Young are widely regarded as the “Fathers of Bowhunting.” In the early 1900s, Pope and Young cared for Ishi, the last known survivor of the Yana tribal group in California. Ishi impressed them with his bowhunting skills. He demonstrated how he made his equipment and stalked and shot game. Pope and Young followed his lead and took a variety of large and small game with archery equipment. In 1923, Pope published the book Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, which introduced many Americans to bowhunting.

Dr. Saxton Pope and Arthur Young, the Fathers of Bowhunting
Ishi, last known survivor of the Yana tribe in California
A hand-made Obsidian point
Ishi used handmade obsidian points similar to the one pictured above.
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