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Transcript for Tree Stand Safety

Tree stand accidents are the number-one cause of injury and death to deer hunters. The majority of tree stand accidents occur when a hunter is climbing into and out of their stand.

On screen: 1 in 3 tree stand users will have an accident.

On screen: Read the instructions to your stand!

This can be prevented with the proper use of tree stand equipment.

DEC recommends you wear a full-body harness with a tether to a lifeline. Most importantly, stay connected from the time you leave the ground until your feet touch down again. It’s as simple as ABC.

  • A: Always inspect and adjust your gear before you use it.
  • B: Buckle your harness securely.
  • C: Stay connected to the tree at all times.

Use a haul line to raise and lower your equipment, unloaded firearm, or crossbow. Always remember these rules, and you’ll be much safer this hunting season. Stay connected. Your life depends on it. Hunt safe, New York.

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