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It is illegal to use nails, spikes, pins, or any other object on any tree in a game management area to construct a blind, or to gain access to a blind or tree stand.

You may not construct a blind in a game management area with sawed lumber, wire, nails, bolts, posts, pipe, metal cable, or hardware of any type. To construct a blind, you may use only the natural vegetation found on the area. No trees or parts of trees other than willows may be cut for constructing a blind.

Portable blinds also are allowed. They may be placed in trees for a continuous period beginning 7 days before the open season for hunting deer or turkeys and ending 7 days after the final day of that open season. Leaving a portable blind in a game management area does not guarantee the owner the exclusive use of the blind or the site.

For more information about blinds, see the hunting regulations.

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