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The legal archery equipment for deer hunting is listed below.

Archery Equipment

  • Longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows that shoot broadhead arrows that are at least 18 inches long are legal.
  • There are no minimum draw weights for bows or minimum diameter for broadheads.
  • Draw locks on compound bows are legal.


  • The arrow must not contain poison or any stupefying chemical.
  • The arrowhead tip must not have an explosive tip or pod.
  • Crossbows designed to be fired with one hand or that are equipped with a pistol grip are not legal.
  • Crossbows are not legal, except for:
    • Physically handicapped hunters who have a special permit.
      • If a physically handicapped hunter has a valid permit for a crossbow, the broadhead must have at least three blades.
    • Residents 70 years of age and older who have an antlerless-only statewide crossbow deer license.
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