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From August 15 to February 1, inclusive, you may not set up, use, or maintain a bait station to attract any big game animal. This includes salt or a salt lick.

A bait station is any location where:

  • Any type of bait is placed or maintained to attract big game animals for the purpose of hunting or …
  • Ingredients from bait are in the soil and used for the purposes of hunting.

Bait includes:

  • Grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, minerals, or any other natural food materials or …
  • Commercial products containing natural food materials or …
  • By-products of such materials or …
  • Products sold as big game attractants or supplements.

Bait stations do not include locations where the food has not been placed or gathered by an individual but instead the food in the area is the result of:

  • Normal environmental conditions or …
  • Accepted farming, forest management, wildlife food planting, orchard management, or similar land management activities or …
  • Food plots that are part of a normal agricultural process where the crop is grown and harvested, or left as food.

Using only scents to attract animals is not considered a bait station.

Individuals are exempt from the bait station restrictions while participating in depredation management activities directed by Game, Fish and Parks.
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