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The area (unit) where you are allowed to bowhunt depends on the species being hunted and whether you are on private land or public land.

  • You must have permission from the landowner or lessee to:
    • Bowhunt on private lands during legal archery seasons or …
    • Retrieve big game from private land.
  • In the Black Hills Fire Protection District, you may not bowhunt on private land if:
    • The land is posted or …
    • The landowner or lessee has denied you entry.
  • On Indian trust land:
    • State licenses are valid on private, public, and deeded lands within the boundaries of an Indian reservation.
    • You must contact the appropriate tribal office before hunting on any tribal lands.
  • To hunt on public lands, refer to the South Dakota GFP website for maps and specific information by county.

South Dakota has Walk-In Areas (WIAs) for hunting on foot only. These areas are selected annually. For more information, visit the Walk-In Areas website.

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