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Inspections: Any uniformed law enforcement officer has the authority to stop and inspect any motor vehicle, camper, or trailer and to count the number of game being carried. You may not refuse an officer’s request to conduct an inspection or count.

Concealed Pistols: Restrictions on firearms during bowhunting seasons do not prohibit a person from carrying a pistol while bowhunting if the person has:

Hunter Harassment: It is illegal for any person to:

  • Interfere intentionally with other persons who are lawfully involved in taking or attempting to take game.
  • Participate in any activity that is specifically intended to harass a hunter or prevent the lawful taking of game.
  • Scare or disturb game with the specific intent to prevent its lawful taking.

Harvest Surveys: South Dakota GFP randomly selects some persons from each hunting unit to receive a harvest survey card in the mail.

  • These surveys are valuable tools for gathering information about big game herds, and your cooperation provides an important contribution to South Dakota’s wildlife resources.
If you receive a survey card, you must complete it and return it. You can do this online through the GFP website or by mail.
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