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The following activities are illegal:

  • Hunting big game on interstate highways or controlled-access facilities
  • Shooting a bow and arrow or crossbow at any big game animal, except turkeys, while you are:
    • Within the right-of-way of an improved public highway or …
    • On a section line or other highway if the right-of-way either is commonly used by vehicles as demonstrated by the existence of a well-worn trail or has been altered to allow vehicular traffic
South Dakota hunting on road restrictions

Motor Vehicle Restrictions

It is illegal to:

  • Use a cell phone or other electronic form of communication to send or receive communications while you are in or on a motor vehicle for the purpose of hunting big game.
  • Shoot a bow and arrow while you are in or on a motor vehicle unless you:
    • Have a Disabled Hunter Permit or …
    • Are shooting at a badger, coyote, fox, jackrabbit, raccoon, rodent, or skunk.
  • Use a motor vehicle to chase, harass, intercept, pursue, or disturb big game.
  • Operate a motor vehicle:
    • On lands owned, leased, or controlled by GFP unless you are on a designated motor vehicle road or parking area or …
    • In federal Waterfowl Production Areas unless you are in a designated parking area or …
    • On private land without the owner’s or lessee’s permission.

You should check with the USDA Forest Service for information on travel restrictions if you are planning to hunt on these public lands in South Dakota:

  • Black Hills National Forest
  • Buffalo Gap National Grassland
  • Dakota Prairie Grasslands
  • Fort Pierre National Grassland
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