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There are no instant bowhunters. Learning to hit your target accurately with a bow and arrow requires practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll shoot.

  • Safety: Make safety your first consideration when practicing with your bow. Always make sure your target is in a safe practice area, which includes a safe background. Don’t practice in a location if there is even a remote possibility that your arrow could escape the area and endanger people, pets, buildings, or property. For a nominal fee, many archery shops offer indoor shooting, which is a great way to practice year-round.
  • Proper Form: All the practice in the world won’t help if you shoot with poor form. Seek professional assistance at your local archery pro shop. It’s not too difficult to find an instructor to teach you the correct shooting form.
  • Shooting Distance: Start your practice sessions with close-up bull’s-eye targets. As your skill improves with closer targets, you can work farther away. Over time, you’ll determine your maximum range for accurate shooting.
  • Frequency: The quickest way to build accuracy and confidence is with regular target practice. It’s only after you become a competent archer that you can make the transition to bowhunter.
Bowhunter practice targets

Practice with targets to improve your accuracy.

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