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Grooves or placement guides for your fingers and thumb are located on the forearm of the crossbow stock. Be sure to use them—leaving a finger or thumb in the path of the crossbow string as it snaps forward results in serious injury.

Before cocking the crossbow, bring the crossbow to your shoulder (referred to as “shouldering”) several times and practice sighting-in on the target. Note the following:

  • Your cheek location on the stock
  • The safety on/off movements
  • Where to put your fingers and thumbs on the forearm of the stock

Correct Grip

With the leading hand in this position, there is no possibility of the cable passing over your fingers and injuring your hand.

Correct crossbow grip

Potentially Dangerous Grips

All three of the hand positions below are potentially dangerous and could lead to severe finger injury when firing the crossbow. Always make sure that your fingers and thumb are NOT in the path of the crossbow string.

Incorrect crossbow grips
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