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Game calls have been popular for many years. Some of the most commonly used calls are made for attracting ducks, geese, turkeys, and moose. Many other species of wildlife can be attracted with the use of calls.

You can select from a wide variety of calls targeting most game species. There are four basic types of game calls.

  • Position calls, like spring turkey calls or elk bugles, indicate the location of another member of the clan. While these calls indicate position, many also will put the game at ease.
  • Distress calls, like squealing rabbit calls, indicate to a fox, coyote, lynx, or bobcat that dinner may be trapped nearby.
  • Aggression calls are commonly used by elk hunters during the rutting season to challenge other mating bulls. White-tailed deer and black-tailed deer hunters rattle antlers. This action imitates two rutting bucks fighting. Moose hunters rake branches with moose scapulas to simulate bull moose walking through the brush.
  • Mating calls duplicate mating activity and include spring gobbler calls, white-tailed deer or black-tailed deer grunt calls, and antler rattling. Hunters often use grunt tubes to attract rutting bucks to their stand. Grunt calls mimic the low guttural grunt of a buck looking for does. Where legal, calls also can be effective when used in conjunction with attractants or lures.
Game calls: rattling antlers, hands-free call, diaphragm mouth call, grunt tube, can call
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