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Sighting-in is the process of adjusting your sights to hit the bull’s-eye on a sight-in target consistently.

  • Begin by shooting a minimum of five arrows at a standard target from 10 yards away. Even though you’re aiming for the bull’s-eye, hitting it isn’t the key. The goal is to place a grouping of arrows anywhere on the target. A grouping indicates that your stance, anchor point, aim, sight picture, release, and follow-through are consistent. Tight groups also show that you are consistent in your attempts to hit your aiming spot.
  • “Follow the arrow” when adjusting your front sight. That is, if your arrows are grouping below and to the right of the bull’s eye on the target, move your front sight down and to the right.
  • If you have difficulty placing a grouping, return to your archery pro shop for further assistance or seek the advice of a more experienced archer.
Sight-in targets
Using a bow sight

Using a bow sight helps you align your arrow with the target.

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