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When you decide to stay put and wait to be rescued, prepare help signals as soon as possible.

  • The international emergency sign for distress is three repetitions of any signal, including three blasts on a whistle. Pause between repetitions to listen.
  • If you’re near an open space, walk an X in the snow, grass, or sand. Make it as large as possible so that it can be seen easily from the air. Placing branches, logs, or rocks along the X will make it more visible.

Once you have a shelter, fire, and your signal prepared, you can focus on water and food.


Skills of the Survivor

Hosted by Peter Kummerfeldt, one of the world’s leading authorities on survival, this video acquaints you with the skills necessary to survive an outdoor emergency. The flash drive is available from NBEF or by calling 605-716-0596.

Skills of the Survivor
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