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The pit blind is a specialized version of the ground blind that's popular for hunting western antelope and mule deer at watering holes.

  • The pit blind is a shallow hole dug about knee-deep into the ground and surrounded by natural vegetation or a combination of vegetation and camouflage cloth.
  • Check state and local regulations to determine if pit blinds are legal in your area.
  • Special permission from landowners will be required before constructing pit blinds.
  • It's the bowhunter's responsibility to return the blind site to its natural state after the hunt is over.


  • Present a much lower silhouette than a ground blind.
  • Provide a comfortable ledge seat.
  • Can be made large enough to accommodate rain gear, lunch, spotting scope, and any other comforts the hunter may require during a long wait for action.


  • Are prohibited in most state-owned hunting areas.
  • Are not portable.
  • Make it easier for game to detect human scent and movement.