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Responsible hunters refrain from behavior that will turn people against hunting. You should not:

  • Display vulgar or obnoxious bumper stickers or clothing slogans.
  • Brag or try to start arguments with people who don’t hunt or who oppose hunting.
  • Use foul language in public places while wearing camouflage or other clothing that identifies you as a hunter.
  • Go into public places wearing camouflage or similar clothing that has been doused with scent-covering odors.
  • Wear bloody clothing or unnecessarily display dead animals in public.
  • Be disrespectful of landowners, their livestock, or any private property.
  • Purchase or drink alcoholic beverages, be intoxicated, or be impaired by drugs prior to, during, or after a hunt.
Cover game when transporting

Cover game when transporting it in a vehicle.

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