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When you are ready to shoot:

  • Place an arrow in the cocked crossbow by putting the odd-colored feather down into the track and moving the arrow back against the string under the arrow retention spring. Make sure the nock is properly aligned.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles near the ends of the limbs. When the trigger is pulled, the limb tips move forward with enough energy to damage them if they strike a stationary object. They also can cause injury if they strike an observer.
  • Bring the crossbow to your shoulder and:
    • Align the sights on the target.
    • Release the safety.
    • Take a deep breath; let half of it out.
    • Squeeze the trigger.
    • Follow through by continuing to aim at the target after pulling the trigger. It takes time for the arrow to leave the bow. If you relax as soon as the trigger releases the latch, the arrow will strike low on the target or not reach it at all. At 10 yards, the arrow should hit the target.
Crossbow monopod

For greater accuracy, a crossbow may be fired while resting on an object.

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